Image Drivers India presents its second branded project vehicle.

Kalmoohi – pronounced “cull-moo-he”.  The word Kalmoohi is from the Hindi language, meaning “Dark-Faced and Mischievous”.

An 8 year old 4×4, bought brand new by Director Nipun Srivastava, way back in 2014. Back then, it was another realization of a childhood dream for Nipun. A military kid at heart, he adored jeeps and still does. Even today, 8 years on, he uses this thing more than any other vehicle in his garage.

TNT Garage took on this build to help Nipun truly fulfil his dream of kitting out his 4×4 Thar CRDe to the teeth.

Supported by Brands that bring dreams into reality, here are the leading accessories companies that supported our vision on the Kalmoohi Build –

BIG BAD BIKES – An Indian company which is the lead importer for SW-Motech & Denali Electronics products in addition to other world leading brands like Klim, Enduristan and Cardo.

DENALI Electronics – An American firm, part of the VisionX Group, which has carved a niche in manufacturing high quality LED auxiliary lighting for Motorcycles, ATVs and 4x4s alike has sent us their latest DENALI D4 V2 Tri-Optic LED Lights and the DENALI D7 LED lights.

TheNirvanaTeam – The Production arm of Image Drivers (India), the Men and Women behind all production activities, photography, Video and advertising content!

TNT Garage – A state of the art, super experienced Tech & Maintenance team that built & maintained the Kalmoohi from start to finish. Still going strong!

All products seen as part of this project have been handpicked and chosen by Nipun Srivastava, for their specific function, quality and durability on an adventure rig like the Mahindra Thar CRDe. From the WARN winch to the Cooper Discoverer STT Pro Tyres, everything on here has its purpose and its mission.

This 4×4 has seen its fair share of abuse across the Indian countryside, supporting shoots, the adventurous lifestyle of its owner and his Dog Striker and tackling tough terrain – from mountains, to beaches and even its namesake, the THAR Desert of Northwest India.

Showcasing key products and accessories at the forefront, followed by the 4×4 vehicle and finally, the spirit of adventure over a lifetime of driving – all of it on video and in stunning imagery.

Here is, The Kalmoohi.




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